Technology Commercialization by Innovadigm

The vast majority of technologies developed globally never attain commercial status.  They are lost in the so called “valley of death” -- the divide that exists between successful technology demonstrations and applied commercial application.  The key to bridging this chasm is the ability to recognize the true market potential of the technology combined with the ability to match technology innovation with the right stakeholders and business strategy. Innovadigm understands this paradigm for successful technology innovation and has assembled a team with the core competencies to meet the challenge of commercializing new technologies in a global economy.  

Technology innovation is necessary to optimize living conditions for the worlds growing population.  The strain on global resources can be offset with critical innovation in agriculture, water treatment, healthcare, communications, clean energy and the environment. Technological advancements in any of these sectors represent superior investment opportunities, particularly for early investors and relevant stakeholders. 

The Innovadigm mission is to uncover the technologies with the best growth potential and match them with the stakeholders that will benefit most by their commercialization.  Innovadigm completes the mission by ensuring that a viable business model is intact by which the critical parties (investors, technologists and strategic partners) can commercialize the technology in the most expedient and profitable way.