Alternative energy technology supported by Innovadigm will produce a variety of important commercial products including fuel gas, power, alcohol, synthetic crude oil, transportation fuel, heating oil and blending feed stocks for petroleum refineries.  The plant configuration and production process can be controlled to target a narrow range of products that are most desirable.  If biomass is used as the feedstock, the resultant products are all green products in that they are both carbon neutral and renewable. 


The process will produce various grades of alcohol but has been targeted to optimize the production of ethanol due to widespread market demand as a transportation fuel and as the basis for green chemicals and plastics.  The synthetic ethanol has received approval from General Motors for use in its ethanol compatible vehicles.  Methanol may also be produced and used in the production of green gasoline

Diesel and Other Distillate Fuels

Diesel fuel is the primary distillate fuel product produced by the technology.  Kerosene, jet fuel and gasoline may also be produced in some volume as well.  The process may be modified to increase the amount of non-diesel products where desirable. 

Fuel Gas

Process syngas can be used directly as a fuel gas or converted into synthetic natural gas that burns more cleanly than petroleum or coal derived natural gas.

Synthetic Crude & Refinery Feedstock

The synthetic crude produced by this process can be used as a substitute for highly desirable light crude oil, the preferred choice for commercial transportation fuels and other high end products.  It contains less wax and asphalt fractions than conventional crude and has far fewer particulates and virtually zero-sulfur.  Using these synthetic feed stocks allow refiners to reduce refining costs and their carbon footprint while offering cleaner fuels.      


The manufacturing facilities can produce power for “off-the-grid” operations or for sale where market conditions are favorable.