Clean Energy From Innovadigm

Innovadigm's initial technology commercialization project is advanced clean energy systems capable of converting fossil fuels and waste carbon streams to power and clean fuels competiItively priced with petroleum.  The technology provides important solutions in three important target areas: 1) environmental waste managment, 2) clean and/or renewable energy production, 3) and methodolgy for greenhouse gas reduction. These synthetic fuels may be produced from biomass or fossil fuel feedstock and are compatible with existing energy and transportation infrastructure.  The fuels generate far fewer emissions than conventional fuels and in some cases may even be carbon negative.    

The Innovadigm Advantage Includes:

    • Wide feedstock variety ensures feedstock availability at lowest possible price
    • Technology flexibility enables production of alcohol, diesel fuel, jet fuel, fuel gas and power to serve many commercial markets
    • Processes are environmentally-friendly with virtually zero carbon emissions and low water consumption
    • Derives additional revenue streams for eliminating carbon waste streams including industrial CO2 from power plants
    • Provides value added for potential venture partners in oil & gas, coal, power and agricultural industries