Technology Partners & Customers

Many potential partners exist for the Innovadigm supported energy technology.  The partners include business organizations that need to:  1) Provide value added for their products,  2) Manage their waste streams, or 3) Assure stable energy supply.

Value Added

Producers of coal, shale oil and natural gas seek business strategies and technologies that will strengthen pricing on their commodities.  Declining prices in coal and gas are making alternative uses of these materials imperative for these fossil fuel producers.

Waste Management

Waste management companies, municipalities, agricultural businesses and power companies need to find technologies to manage their waste streams  including MSW, tires, ag waste and CO2.  Finding solutions that do not increase their expenses is a priority.  Power companies using old coal technologies are being forced to close due to their CO2 emissions.  Innovadigm technology can sequester CO2 emissions and recycle carbon waste streams while using them as a free or low-cost feedstock source.

Stable Energy Supply

Businesses whose operations are fuel dependent need a reliable source of predictably priced energy.  Airlines, the military, railroads and other transportation companies would greatly benefit from fuels that could be offered on a fixed price contract at or below the price of petroleum fuels.