Our Company

Innovadigm, LLC was formed to assist technology investors to expand their investment portfolios with exceptional technologies for growth markets. The company identifies both transformative and proven technologies that target underserved commercial markets and are expected to maintain a strong competitive advantage.  It is also the company‚Äôs mission to ensure that the requisite elements are in place for these technological innovations to become outstanding investments.  These elements include a viable business model, appropriate marketing strategy, supply logistics, potential customers and strategic partners. 

Value is in the eye of the investor as not all have the same interests and risk tolerance.  Innovidigm looks for potential technology investors that stand to realize optimal returns based on their potential synergy with the technology. Coal producers for example would benefit from the advancement of clean-coal power technology as much as the power companies, possibly more. Coal and power production have a naturally symbiotic relationship with one another and with technology that economically converts coal to clean power. Innovadim seeks to identify investors from these type of symbiotic relationships.  This strategy enables Innovadim to develop technology investment offerings that are optimal for both investors and technology producers alike.